Friday, January 6, 2012

Customers Locate on CSX Railroad in 17 States in 2011

(CSX) Customers across manufacturing, consumer goods, energy and other markets committed to 124 new or expanded facilities on CSX and its short line railroad partners in 2011, driving job growth and other economic benefits in 17 states.
The new or expanded facilities represent nearly $1.4 billion in customer investment.
“Despite ongoing economic uncertainty during 2011, our customers continue to demonstrate strong interest in rail service and CSX in particular,” said Clark Robertson, Assistant Vice President-Regional Development. “It is testimony to the underlying value proposition that rail offers.”
The facilities will be built or expanded on CSX lines and on some of the more than 240 short lines and regional railroads that connect to CSX. Ultimately, these facilities will contribute more than $230 million in annual revenue to CSX, Robertson said. Continued

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