Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who Remembers the Katy Railroad?

... Knowledge of the old Katy Railroad has vanished for all practical purposes. Although it plied its route across Lyon County from northwest to southeast for 88 years, most people hardly remember it. Built in 1869 and dismantled in 1957, the right-of-way is only vaguely discernible north of Emporia, and has practically vanished south of town. Tracing its route through Emporia requires a practiced eye. The passenger depot was located just west of the Bunge elevator at Sixth Avenue and East Street. A grassy area west of the tracks once held a bustling depot with its restaurant and offices. The station agent of the 1940s, “Hod” Hodson lived in the first house south of the motorcycle shop, and his wife was the cook in the restaurant serving the many passengers who traveled the Katy north to Junction City or south to Parsons and beyond. Continued

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