Thursday, June 9, 2011

Union Pacific railroad causeway upgrade proposal could change colors of the Great Salt Lake

One of the Great Salt Lake's most notable oddities, its two-toned color scheme, is drawing renewed attention.
The Union Pacific railroad plans to apply for permission soon to reconstruct portions of the company's 20-mile-long Great Salt Lake Causeway that stretches across the lake west of Ogden. Although it's a relatively small-scale project, the upgrade proposal is being watched closely by a variety of interest groups. That's because it may affect a decades-old imbalance of salt. Continued

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  1. share the salt Weber county has had it all for long enough. to lessen the damage to the Causeway is what is important and union pacific owns the bridge. No studies, Weber County has put off building the Legacy Highway for 30 years with their studies.Weber County does not even acknowledge the causeway is there. They have blocked off people viewing the lake from Ogden. The Weber County Government does not respect the railroad or its historical the causeway if you need to.