Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dunsmuir's Railroad Days draws a good crowd

Dunsmuir, Calif. - Despite cloudy skies and intermittent spritzing of warm rain, the 2011 Dunsmuir Railroad Days celebration was judged a success by organizers, merchants and a horde of button-buyers roaming the Union Pacific yard, and free to climb aboard a variety of trains.
A one-dollar 2011 Railroad Days button, featuring another colorful design by local artist Shery Larson, was all the purchase needed to participate in any and all of the weekend’s activities.
They began before the Dunsmuir Shasta Daylight arrived from Emeryville Friday afternoon. By the time the special excursion train pulled in, with its Amtrak engine and four vintage Zephyr passenger cars, tourists had already begun clambering all over the exhibits parked in the yard. Continued

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