Sunday, May 8, 2011

Production of new railcars to be further delayed

STAMFORD - Kawasaki Rail Car's work on Connecticut's new M-8 trains was brought to a halt for nearly a month in late March due to a manufacturing error, resulting in a slow build up of production efforts that will only reach full tilt in late May, Metro-North Railroad officials said.
Kawasaki Rail Car laid off 115 workers in late March who were working on Connecticut's $866 million investment in a new fleet of 380 rail cars, Metro-North Railroad spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said. Work was stopped from late March to late April because the metal weld of the U-shaped brackets used to secure equipment to the undercarriage of the cars were found to be undersized, she said.
The flaw would result in premature maintenance problems if not corrected, Anders said. Continued

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